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After Action Reviews (AARs) & Improvement Plans (IPs)

COVID-19 response

The Right Combination of Experts

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced all of us to adapt to new challenges. It is important to capture the lessons we have learned thus far, to improve our approach and better prepare our communities for the next public health event.

COVID-19 Response
From State & Local governments and educational institutions to health care providers and Fortune 100 corporations more than 100 organizations have turned to Witt O’Brien’s to support their COVID-19 response.   

AARs that Drive Improvements
For more than three decades our team of emergency managers, public health professionals, and other former federal, state, and local officials have delivered after-action reports and performance assessments that drive improvements and increase our clients’ resilience. Witt O’Brien’s staff understand the interrelations of federal, state, county, and municipal governments, having served in those organizations in leadership positions during public health incidents.

We offer the right combination of experts in creating useful and actionable AARs, with subject matter expertise in emergency management, public health, and now COVID-19 response.


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